Walking Squares #16 – Timber, a shed and the future

Becky’s #WalkingSquares

Today was a doing day, so most of the walking was done between the shed and the house. Insert – cups of tea, lunch and water stops.
I have been storing this timber for a while. When I bought it, the timber was newly cut from a tree, so I let it dry out before using it. Plus the rain over a lot of the year has delayed the gate project.

Anyway it’s time to turn turn turn

So what was I doing for good part of the day. I was turning this timber into my new front gates

20 thoughts on “Walking Squares #16 – Timber, a shed and the future

    1. It is rather easy. A bit of cutting, a bit of drilling and bolt it together.
      I drew the plan and keep double checking my self even though I have built about ten gates of various types.
      That is lovely to know xx

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