The Life of a Hippeastrum flower #1

This year the Hippeastrums in my garden have been wonderful. This has a few photos so I hope you can hang in there. Following are the spears and buds as they appear from among the long strappy green leaves.

I have a lot of plants that have been in the old wheelbarrow for as long as I can remember. I haven’t done anything with the wheelbarrow or plants except water them. The wheelbarrow was repaired by my Dad ages and ages ago.

Dad had a rusted out wheelbarrow body but the frame was good. I found a car bonnet in a place where people used to dump stuff in the old, still bush part of the cemetery, near where I used to live. He made a tray for the wheelbarrow with the bonnet and it’s still going well.

Here, the flowers are trying to burst out

I’m not game to move the wheelbarrow though.

The first part of their life I didn’t have to water them as they grew, it rained for most of the days of their life. I wonder if this bud will produce two flowers or is there a another bud at the very back

Nearly all of the spears are buds now. Photos were taken a few days apart unless there is a significant change.

This bud will definitely a three head flower

Once one started to open, it seemed like a rush of blooms

Almost one-hundred percent of the buds have bloomed. The rain has stopped, slowed down so the flowers have sunshine to greet in the mornings

Every one is out and some are already starting to wane

They are a beautiful flower don’t you think?

The bees love the flowers. After a while around the flowers, these little Stingless Native Bees will fly off with their pollen sacs full.

One by one, the flowers begin to fade, no longer able to hold their head up, the flowers droop, while others shine bright

The last of the rain drops on a shiny red coat

From the one bulb five flowers, each emerging at a different time. Anti clockwise in death.

All are about near finished, drying flowers on withered stalks

The last hurrah, producing capsules at the end of the flower. It is a sort of seed capsule but they aren’t big

Almost finished. Soon only long green strappy leaves will be left.

This is number 11 in my series of “The Life of…..flower” I enjoy looking at all stages of the plants in my garden.
I hope you found the Hippeastrum flowers life enjoyable too.
Number 12 and the next will be #2 of The Life of a Hippeastrum

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40 thoughts on “The Life of a Hippeastrum flower #1

    1. It sure is fab to have in the garden. I will have to attend to the other wheelbarrow of Hippeastrums I have. Ants have made a home so that’s why that one didn’t flower.
      I’ll be posting an eviction notice soon 😁


  1. I was looking at this and thinking, “This looks just like our amaryllis” and they are in the same family. They are so pretty. Here, they are sold as bulbs and grown a lot indoors with blooms timed to open right around Christmas.

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      1. Not sure but the only time I see them for sale is as bare bulb to be potted and grown at Christmas. They look pretty but seeing yours outside before Christmas makes you wonder….

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