Walking Squares #13 – Shadows, trees and bridges

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Today is a recap of an older post of a walk through the Lismore Botanic Garden and Rainforest Walk. I haven’t been out walking as much and nothing that has been photo worthy when I have. This is a wonderful place to spend some time with most of the work carried out by volunteers.

Lets go walking through the park.

Going through the gate, there is a choice of going up or going down.

We headed down and came across the first waterway crossing over a little timber bridge with Lomandra and Cunji either side

Further along there was another bridge. This one had rails as the drop off the side was a bit deeper

This is where we are headed after we cross the bridge

Deeper into the Rainforest section, over another bridge and into the shade among the Bangalow and other palms

Finally down the path and up to the exit

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  1. I’ll be back in a moment to comment on the squares but just had to stop the music to say thank you so much for the music. I was feeling really cross after a text an ex work colleague just sent me, and this is helping to chase away those anger vibes πŸ™‚

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