Walking Squares #10 – Butterflies, Flowers and a Surprise

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Another walk at my place. This time I went into the bush beyond the fallen tree from the other days walk. I intended to get down to the waterhole but I had a few distractions on the way down. Hard to walk past some weeds and not pull them out. Plus I moved small branches and logs off the track in case I can get the mower along there one day soon.

I made it to around 800 meters and the clouds began to build so I decided to head for home. By the time I was on the last stretch home, the sun came out.

This is a long hike as well so I might need you to walk with love. A bit of a reggae tune to get you going

Down the back steps and the last of the Lilli Pilli flowers is hanging on

Walking about you have to careful of Brown Bandicoot scrapes dug overnight. They are looking for insects and worms that live in the soil. Could easily twist an ankle and that would ruin a walk.

Past “The Big Dam” Which is a huge failure. I was surprised that there was still a lot of water. The underground spring that connects to the dams water may have blocked. That spring runs under the dam and further down the gully, the water from the dam flows on the surface. When it is full it would hold 7million million litres of water

I guess that is why there are Dragonflies about

The once sparse tufts of Kangaroo Grass, a native grass to my area, are in more places and those clumps are seeding well

Lots of trees have gum nuts so the seed bank in the soil is growing

The bush is recovering nicely. Still lots of dead trees around so have to watch where I walk. Since I was down this way there has been a few tree falls as well as large branches that have dropped from on high

Large areas of Yellow Buttons too. All of the following flowers are about 10mm in diameter and some smaller

I was getting some photos of the small Rough Guinea flower when I was photo-bombed by a Blue-banded Bee

A Hairy Guinea Flower with a couple of fruit pods

I don’t know the name of this tiny yellow flower

The occasional Dandelion was about

All the butterflies in this gallery have wingspans from 19mm to 25mm. A Line-blue of some sort. The blue on the body is noticeable

A different Line-blue Butterfly to show the blue front of his body

A Ringlet with “eyes” on the wings. Makes them big and fierce to potential predators

The wonderfully named Greenish Darter

Not too sure about this one. Just a tiny pink flower growing all by itself

A Grass Trigger Plant flowers in clusters like these

Now for the surprise Yes this was a very pleasant surprise for me. I have only ever seen one Purple Fringe Lily on my place ever and that was after the fire.

So when I came across this one I was so happy. Then I looked and saw a few more nearby.

As I walked up the hill, I just went nuts…there were some plants that had two flowers and look at the seed pods as well.

And then I saw it. A plant with three flowers. I have never seen one with more than one flower, here or elsewhere.

Back home and the Agapanthus are fully open

28 thoughts on “Walking Squares #10 – Butterflies, Flowers and a Surprise

    1. Thanks Margaret. Always something here if you look around. Something told me to go back up a slight hill but it is in a clearing and there were the purple fringe lilies πŸ™‚

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  1. so glad we’ve got you out and about to discover all these delights for us (and for you). The lillies are gorgeous – good choice of music too as I was able to enjoy your hike and a few other walks too

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  2. Some may complain, “Walking is oh so boring.”
    But if you keep you eyes and ears open, you will discover something new even if you walk the same path daily. πŸ™‚
    You may even find yourself talking to the trees. πŸ˜‰


    1. I know. I am constantly looking around and seeing things. A lot of my talking is to small spiders whose web I have walked though and apologising. πŸ™‚


  3. Thank you for taking me on such a lovely walk around your place Brian. So much nature. We don’t get Brown Bandicoot scrapes here but rabbit holes can be just as dangerous for wrecking an unsuspecting ankle. The purple fringe lilies are very pretty, glad they seem to be establishing themselves on your land.

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  4. Another great walk with lots to see at your place. Could you unblock the spring so your dam collects gain? The lilies are fabulous. I can see why you’d be excited to find them.


    1. Thanks Graham. I have thought of how it can be done but it would take big machinery and lots of money. Access is now a bit of a problem as well. Finding one was good but a whole lot of them was really exciting.

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