Water Reflections – Car Puddles – Abstracts #64

Jez’s Water Water Everywhere #151

Last weekend, as part of the Jacaranda Festival, there was a vintage car show in the street in front of the Cathedral. It has been raining and on Saturday morning as I got to town, there was a downpour. I took the cafe and coffee option while waiting for the rain to pass.

I went to the car show and grabbed a few photos of the cars. Many cars had rain drops all over them as well as purple Jacaranda flowers from the trees in the street.

I first noticed a Jacaranda tree in a puddle when there was a brief burst of sunlight.

From then on I went looking at puddles for other reflections that would lead to a Water Water Everywhere post possibly. There were a few cars reflecting in puddles.

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    1. Thank you Dr Christa. They can be a bit of a weed species. My town has streets lined with them that’s why we have a Festival that has been running for a long time 🙂

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