Small and green and around here

Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Fern

One of my favourites, a Five Fingered Jack Fern. They grow anywhere cool and damp. They just suddenly appear in the garden

Little Maiden Fair Fern grow in the gullies. There used to be a whole east facing side of the gully that was covered in Maiden Hair Fern. I’ll have to try and get there and see if it has come back a bit since the fire

This weird looking beast is an air fern. They just grow on wood – trees, fence posts and even pieces of fallen bark. An Epiphyte as is the next fern

Another fern that just appears. First as a small green flat leaf and over time just branch out. This one bought along a host of others, a Fishbone Fern (a nuisance) and a Hares Foot Fern to start life on a palm tree

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