Walking Squares #7 – Walkway, beach and birds

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Today wasn’t a good walking day. I didn’t want to drive to walk somewhere and the gravel trucks have been trundling up and down all day. You wouldn’t believe the dust they throw up.

Therefore I want to take you on a bit of a walk along the track to the beach at Evans Head. Here’s your song so let’s go

Out of the car park down we go. On the top of the hind dune She-oaks and Banksias are growing

Sometimes the track goes up and over the next dune and a small stream

Once the vegetation starts to change you know you are getting close to the beach. The Pandanus are the dominant vegetation on thee front dunes and beach and they even grow on rocks.

And around the last bend, through some Pandanus and onto the sand

Sometimes the welcoming committee is large

and at other times, just a couple to greet you but someone will always be on the sand to greet you

PS I know lots of you have seen this little bloke. This is where he was put together with a Pandanus nut and some red kelp. I wonder how long he was sitting in the Paperbark tree before some one noticed. I hope he was treated kindly.

35 thoughts on “Walking Squares #7 – Walkway, beach and birds

  1. So how far is the beach from your home Brian? You drove there? After all the rain you’d think it would keep the dust down but I expect it soon dries out. Temperatures back to normal? My friends have moved further north into Queensland and 🌞 this week. Those trees are very distinctive. I hope your little friend was happy 😊 💕

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    1. From here it’s about seventy kilometers to the nearest. A longer drive if you want a better beach and facilities. The warmth of the past few day drys the road out quickly. Fairly normal. The nights are still cool. February is our hottest month plus humidity almost 100%.
      Pandanus trees are world wide. The nuts can just float about in the ocean until it find a beach somewhere and it will set roots.
      I do as well thanks Jo 🤗💕


  2. Had to look up Evans Head as I hadn’t heard of it. Looks a lot like the boardwalks my Aussie family send me photos of, though they are much further north. I do like a boardwalk.

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