Walking Squares #6 – Flowers, butterflies and a road block

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This morning I set off to walk down the road my road runs off. Sunday is good as there won’t be much traffic especially gravel truck and logging trucks plus folk going to and from town. I saw a few dark clouds gathering. I hoped it wasn’t going to rain as I intended walking as far as I could. There are a lot of photos, sorry, so I guess we better walk this way.

Looking down the road as I leave the gate, seeing the dark clouds of an overcast day. Undaunted I still head off

Of course a walk to the end of the road would require a few stops. These yellow native flowers grow out the front of my neighbours. Tiny about 10mm in diameter so how small is the grasshopper on the flower at the rear

These are popping up everywhere at the moment. I have some that appeared in my gardens

Have to love purple grass seed heads. A breeze blew up just I was about to take a photo. They just wavered about for ages and I have a fair bit of walking to do.

The tree on the left is the streets guardian tree. A huge Red Ironbark. The fence beside it is about four feet tall so you can do the calculations, I have walking to do.

Before leaving the street, I say goodbye to the old tree man, who keeps an eye on things. His weather worn face, tired eyes and bulbous nose with that crooked mouth has seen many things.

Not far around the corner is a cattle grid. The only tricky part of the walk. Look right to the end of what you can see. Yep, that’s where we’re heading

Here is the road block. An Eastern Grey Kangaroo. It’s a young male surveying the scene. He didn’t seen to care when I kept walking and he kept hopping up the road towards me. I stopped to see what he would do. I took a few steps scuffing my feet on the gravel and he looked up as though he had seen me for the first time, and he sped off into the bush. Last thing I needed today was to be attacked by a Kangaroo because we got too close to one another.

The floods and rain have caused a couple of deep erosion gullies. The old fence posts look like they didn’t stand a chance. The grass in the foreground is the edge of what’s left of the road.

An attempt at erosion repair work mainly to stop the head-cut eroding back and collapsing the road.

Well we’re at the top of the hill and I don’t want to go further so looking back at the road back home

The Spotted Gums are losing their bark, making shapes. You can see the dimples on the trunk that give it it’s name.

Looks like someone missed recycle bin day.

All the time I have been walking, I have heard a few birds, about six or seven different birds, have seen a couple of Noisy Friarbirds fly across the road but not any others. We are not far now. The turn-off to my road is at the end of the photo

I am not far from the turn-off and suddenly there are lots of butterflies. The sun has come out and it is warm. A Wanderer on a Lantana flower

A new butterfly for me. An Imperial Hairstreak. This one was so intent on grooming, it paid me no mind. If I was that butterfly, I wouldn’t mind the Imperial part but hairstreak. That’s almost as bad as a Dingy Ringlet

Almost to the front gate and there were a number of Australian Painted Lady Butterflies hovering and landing on the ground as they seem to like doing

OK have you got this far with a bit of a song to get through? Are you a bit weary after the hills? Well that was a four kilometre round trip almost exactly to the metre.

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44 thoughts on “Walking Squares #6 – Flowers, butterflies and a road block

  1. That’s a lovely butterfly, groomed or otherwise! I get very impatient with grasses. They never look half so beautiful in my photos as in real life, and they simply will not keep STILL!

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    1. Thanks you Jo. That butterfly was a treat to see. I am going to go back before the wind blows up again and get a better one hopefully 🙂 🙂


    1. Thanks Tracy. It was a good one but tiring. No I didn’t watch. I forget and last time the guests didn’t appeal. I will look in my grass book and see if I want to get some seeds for my place

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  2. A good walk, Brian. You have to be a bit careful with kangaroos, I take it? Love the Hairstreak. It’s always fun coming across something new.


    1. I am so glad you enjoyed a walk up the road.
      I am always amazed to find so many similar plants. I use image search when I can’t ID something from my books. Being an American Company the American species will come up first. Same with butterflies 🙂


        1. Thanks. Oh yes, a couple of farm utes went through and didn’t really slow down for me. Luckily I stayed on the windward side of the road when I heard a ute.
          A good walking song 🙂

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  3. oh gosh, please don’t get attacked by a kangaroo.

    Great walk. always so interesting to see the bush. And while so many of your plants are different then ours, so many are the same. Interesting. I enjoyed the walk with you.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed tagging along Donna. I have interest in getting close to Kangaroos. They are unpredictable. Don’t often see them as they prefer more open country 🙂

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