Walking Square #3 – Rocks, flowers and butterflies

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Todays walk was in the Gibraltar Ranges. My mine aim was to get some photos of Waratahs and not have to do housework.

Here at my place it was a bit chilly, so I knew that going into the mountains it was going to be cooler. I wore jeans, T-shirt and a light jumper and had a jacket in the car just in case. Yes I know it’s Summer but no one told the weather. It snowed a way down the range but I knew there was snow somewhere as last night was rather cold. Yeah I know. A big baby when I say cold at 9c

This is a long walk as when I got to the gates to Washpool National Park they were locked. The Parkies were getting trees off the track that had fallen from the huge windstorm we had a week ago. The bush is still recovering from the fires and it doesn’t take much for a burnt tree to come crashing down. This walk to Granite Rock Lookout was about 2km there and back.

Well lets get started walking in the great southern land

Heading down the track with lots of flowers in the bush everywhere

Sometimes the White Paper Daisys Tall Everlasting attracted butterflies. Just like yesterday another Caper White Butterfly.

They enjoyed purple flowers as well

Didn’t find the name for this purple Australian Native Flower

Another type of Butterfly I looked and maybe a Pearl White of some sort

A lot of insects likes these flowers

Almost there. You can see why it’s called Granite Rock Lookout. A great walk through the Aussie bush. Maybe the second favourite spot I go to.

We may as well have a look at the view. This is where square has limitations. Even using 4:3 it would take three or four shots. Even panorama is a two photo to get the almost 280 degree view.

But we are here for the Waratahs. They are a Proteaceae so relative is South African Proteas. The first one I saw was just starting to open its buds

As I looked around I saw around twenty just near where I was. One had three flower heads and the buds of another one.
Aren’t they fabulous flowers. They are the New South Wales State Flower Emblem

You know I couldn’t go all the way up there without dropping in on my favourite spot, Raspberry Lookout. So it was take in the view. Out with my thermos and a Teabag and I even took a biscuit from home for afternoon tea.

Over the past few months I have been getting the blues. But I get up here and the blues get me.

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32 thoughts on “Walking Square #3 – Rocks, flowers and butterflies

  1. Those are wonderful flowers. Well worth the walk, and the views are nothing to sneeze at either. I find walking is good for me physically and mentally. Sounds like you do too.

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    1. Thanks Graham. Yes walking is a good thing. I have made it something I’ll do every day with Becky’s inspiration. I did feel good yesterday and my leg and hips didn’t complain at all last night or this morning.

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  2. Thank you for introducing me to the Waratahs! What beauties! You can easily see the protea relative in it. I see why you walk up there, Brian – beautiful views and flowers, and butterflies of course. Here it is raining and all grey. But I have started feeding the birds now, so I see them every day and they cheer me up. As your posts do!

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      1. β™₯ You can. And the birds have to be fed here during winter. I buy quite a lot of food for them, and I am engaged in counting winter birds for statistics every winter.

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        1. That is a good cause it see what birds are where and when. Is it run by a group or university? We have an annual bird count run by Birdlife Australia. This year I had less number of birds when I did my counts but it had been raining. After the count period finished, the sun came out and there were lots more birds in my garden πŸ™‚


        2. This is Birdlife too, a nature organisation. I am usually not that lucky either…rain or birds of prey that frighten them. It is very interesting to see the differences over the years. One year there are many of a certain species, next year it is different.

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        3. Mine are much the same as the count is in October and most of the migrants are here and the others who spend Summer in the mountains have gone although it hasn’t been hot yet. Like Currawongs. I seem to have inherited a pair and they don’t leave any more. This is bad to see small birds as Currawongs eat small birds.
          My numbers fluctuate that’s about all πŸ™‚


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