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The Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge:Thrift

Yes all the different names in different countries but all have bargains if you are there at the right time. The best bargain I have found was a black jacket for my daughter. It looked well made and was only $5 When I got home we looked up the name on the label. It was a New York designer and the jacket was $660!! My Marks and Spencer very warm tweed coat I bought in Edinburgh for ten pounds was a very necessary buy as my warm clothes just didn’t cut it,

Once in a while if my bestie was in town up her way and I was in town here, we used to play “Find the crappiest LP cover” and other silly games. This is the photo I sent her once.

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  1. I am a fan of Marks and Spencer’s. Back to our earlier conversation – I still cannot say I’ve been to or I’m going to M&S as it likes to call itself, I always say the full name! 🙂

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