Walking Square #1

Becky’s #WalkingSquares

I had things to do at home today plus the blokes who do vegetation management under the power lines, were here mulching all of the mainly wattles that sprung up under the power line in their thousands since that fire. Wattle seeds are germinated by fire as they are a pioneer species to start the recovery. I didn’t look what was under the wattles as I knew it was going to be mulched anyway. I can now keep the area clear as one of my fire breaks. In the other paddock I managed to get some White Dogwood shrubs saved. I’ll try and collect seeds and grow them in other places. Therefor my first #WalkingSquares is just walking at home.

Here is the Walking Squares song for post #1.

What I want to share is while looking at a shrub getting samples to try and do an identification, I saw a very small Crab Spider catch a fly. The spider sure managed to swallow a fair bit before I disturbed dinner. I am sorry my spiderphobe followers but this bloke is so small and cute, smaller than your little finger nail. What is coming next show a bit more detail

Look at that face complete with a bit of fly hanging out of it’s mouth. All the eyes were on me that’s for sure

It’s great to have our Becky back with the wonderful photo #Squares challenge. Remember that your #WalkingSquares photo must be square Have fun because I know I will

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  1. Spiders fascinate me. They have all those eyes. What do they see? Their webs are the toughest material found in nature. Eight legs to carry them through life. They are an excellent example of adaptation. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. aargh brain is so addled I am doing the clicks whilst music is playing! Maybe by end of month I will be back in the form . . . still the pause gives me a chance to write a long comment. Love this square, and so impressed you are here from day one with music. Thanks Brian, it means a lot

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    1. I did have to laugh at the music stops. How could I not be in the square mood. I couldn’t sleep so thought I get one out and in the mood for doing others. Maybe I’ll be in tune with the rest of the world if I do mine in the afternoons instead of the mornings.
      You know I am always there Becky x

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  3. I might have prefered a photo of the wattle, Brian, but I’m glad they’re keeping your firebreak maintained. After all that rain fire seems a distant threat but it was horrific while it lasted, hon.

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