The hibiscus

The Squirrel Chase’s One-to-three Photo Processing Challenge

The original photo. The software I use is Corel PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2023

This effect is called Harmonise. The changes are Strength set at 77% and colour match set at 85%

This effect is Film and Filter. The Film Look – Vibrant Foliage. The Filter – Orange R255 G64 B19 Strength 40

This is Watercolour. The changes are Strength set at 75% and colour match set at 85%

19 thoughts on “The hibiscus

  1. You have gotten nice manips from this photo and PSP 2023. You are the one of the few folks in my circle who use PSP – as do I. I don’t use their “instant effects” much, still hooked on the old Topaz Labs tools. I’ll have to make another try.

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    1. Oh yes do so. The ways to change the result is good and it is a slider so easy to move the intensity up or down. I have it on the side open all the time now.
      Maybe Ill do a window or two πŸ™‚

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  2. It’s a gorgeous flower, Brian. All the processed images are great, as is the original. I think I like the film and filter best because the flower stands out even more than in the others, although I think I prefer the hue of the original.

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