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Your Daily Word Prompt: Spooky
Jez’s I’m a Fan of #180 Halloween/Autumn edition

Being in Australia we never had Halloween but the commercial greed has pushed their plastic merchandise upon us. So this post you won’t find carved pumpkins, all manner of skeletons, witches and bats complete with blood and gore.

But no, here are some photos I found while doing a bit of filing which I thought may come in handy one day.

Are these appropriate for your All Hallows Eve

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  1. Let’s hope no more of the cheap nonsense finds its way over there.

    I love the dolls, perfect for a horror film. The other day I spotted a collection of dolls in a basket in a charity shop window. I kicked myself afterwards for not taking a photograph, so unlike me. πŸ™‚

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  2. As a doll lover myself I always feel sad to see neglected dolls being called creepy. That first one looks like a vintage Pedigree Walker and she would be quite collectible if she had her eyes and hair fixed. I do think that Halloween in Australia is driven by commercialism but I have no real objection to a bit of fun with witches, ghosts etc. But not dolls. Sorry.

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    1. I found a lot of dolls in a Museum in Inverell where the first one was. I felt sorry for the one in a basket in an op-shop. Why try to sell it such a condition. I hate the commercialisation of something that has nothing to do with Australia

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      1. I used to volunteer at an Op Shop and I didn’t like seeing dirty, naked dolls being put out for sale so I started to take them home and clean them up, fix them if I could, redress them and bring them back. After a while the other volunteers started to save them for me.
        Americans make a really big deal out of Halloween even though I don’t think it originated there but we never have so it really is just commercialism plastering the shops with fake spooky stuff.

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  3. Ewwww, just eww! I was never a big fan of Halloween. When the kids were little we went trick or treating. I put up a few decorations then and very little now. It’s way overblown here in the states. Luckily in our rural area we don’t get trick-or-treaters, thank goodness.

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  4. Those dolls are the creepiest ever. I remember my grandmother had one on her basement playroom when I was about 5 years old, I hated it- those eyes would roll back in its head and ahhhhhhhhh

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