Shades in Tyalgum

Ludwig’s Monday Window 31 October

This is an old shop in Tyalgum. A small village a couple of hours away from here. I should go back and see if things have picked up as last time things didn’t look good. A town in decline.

Here is a double shade bonus. the lovely tin shades on the shop and the decorative wooden ones on the house behind.

I had to……

Your Daily Word Prompt: Spooky
Jez’s I’m a Fan of #180 Halloween/Autumn edition

Being in Australia we never had Halloween but the commercial greed has pushed their plastic merchandise upon us. So this post you won’t find carved pumpkins, all manner of skeletons, witches and bats complete with blood and gore.

But no, here are some photos I found while doing a bit of filing which I thought may come in handy one day.

Are these appropriate for your All Hallows Eve

The basket

Originally the photo was chosen as mysterious for this weeks Sunday Stills: The #Mysterious is a Beautiful Thing
But the words went another way than being beautiful.

The photo was taken in the Callen Park Mental Hospital, originally called the Callen Park Hospital for the Insane, now the Rozelle Hospital. Parts of the old historical buildings and grounds are used for events now. I was there for a wedding a few years ago.

So back to thinking of another post for Terri

Why there?
left behind
the asylum
closed for years
now empty
The screams
The stares
gone before
reflected outside
a world
A corner
sits idle
Why there?
left behind