12 thoughts on “The wonderful rose

    1. Thanks Jo. The first comment came through albeit both in my trash folder. I hoping for a good weekend Jo even though I am not 100%. Seem to have a mild chest infection so antibiotics for me. Won’t stop me from doing stuff even though it does make me a bit tired.
      Have a fab weekend Jo. Anything planned? 🤗💕


      1. Still trying to sort new phone issues, Brian. Locked out of my Microsoft account! Walking this morning and garden fair tomorrow. There seem to be a lot of bugs around so look after yourself 🤗💟

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        1. That sounds like a good weekend planned. That’s why I have resisted getting a new phone but I guess one day my Samsung9 will die.
          Antibiotics for chest infection but I’m OK. There’s a lot of things happening in town being the start of the Jacaranda Festival so will pop in and see what’s on offer over the weekend 🤗💕

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