Looking at mountains

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #222: Mountains are Calling

I did wonder if I had many mountain landscape photos. I did a quick look around and found a few.

Maybe have a listen to my favourite mountain song

I love this view of Mt Vesuvius from Pompeii

Sometimes when heading home the mountains are tinged with blue and shrouded in fog

Cradle Mountain in Tasmania still with snow in October

Mount Wollumbin in the distance

It is a place of myths and legends. The mountain has always been a place of cultural and traditional significance to the Bundjalung people, a is the site for many ceremonies and initiation rites. In Aboriginal legend, Wollumbin was a giant bird, speared by a warrior. That fatal spear is still visible as a point on the summit. Another legend is that fighting warriors cause the lightning and thunder which is often observed in the area around Wollumbin.

My favourite place to rest and recharge. This was taken after the fires of 2019 showing the Gibraltar Ranges bald spots from Raspberry Lookout

Some days at Raspberry Lookout, the blue and an air of mystery makes me gasp

Of course there is always a sun setting on a mountain as the mountains are west from my place

37 thoughts on “Looking at mountains

  1. Thank you for taking us to places to enjoy these magnificent mountains. Love the Mt Vesuvius. Mount Wollumbin is breathtaking. Beautiful layers of blue mountains you captured. Ah… glorious sun setting on a mountain where you are.

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  2. just when we start to think we’ve seen it all you show us what we’ve missed Brian. Loved the ethereal nature of your post, and several mountains I’ve not seen. Loved the opener – beautifully composed. And your sunset is exquisite. Beautiful post!

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