Watch out in the wood heap

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Heap
Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

I went to move a heap of wood to get it ready for next Winter. It was a lovely place to warm up for a Spring day. Yes, this Red-bellied Black Snake is venomous so I just let it be and hoped it would move on.

Red-bellied Black Snake

5 Minutes Ago – 22 October

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #76

Yes, I am back to grey skies and rain. It has been raining every day for the past week. In a way it has not made me feel all that good. I have things I want to do but am restricted to doing things inside. I have been doing a lot of photo sorting and photo challenges. It would be good to have company and sit around playing Scrabble or other games. At night I have the frogs for company and there are hundreds at the moment, in the dams and gullies all around the house.