There may be flowers

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #221: Flower Favourites and Why

Again another very hard photo challenge as it is what to post and how much is too much. I have followed Tina’s example and used tiling to show you the flowers that I enjoy so you won’t have endless scrolling to find a flower that may be of some interest for you. I apologise in advance for the deluge of photos

One of my favourite flowers in my garden is Pentas flowers. I have a couple of colours, a pink and a red which seems to be a dark red at times as well as a deep red, maybe depending on the season. Why do I enjoy Pentas in my garden. It is the insects who come in to enjoy the flowers as well.

I have to include the various Grevilleas. I love their shape and form plus they too bring nature into my garden.

I have selected these flowers as I love Gazanias and Roses. These are childhood memories from my Mums garden along with Geraniums. She had some wonderful red Geraniums and I haven’t found any of the older variety. One day I’ll see some in a garden and have to knock on the door and ask for a cutting. There was a strip of Gazanias between the front fence and the footpath and always had flowers. On the house side of the fence were the Roses plus a lot of other flowers.

Of course I couldn’t not include that many Australian Native flowers that grow on my place and in lots of places I go. Enjoy my bit of Australia for you.

38 thoughts on “There may be flowers

  1. Well Brian, I expected a stunning gallery from you and I was not disappointed! In fact, you exceeded even my highest expectations. Your images are glorious! I loved the first set with its amazing visitors, and the second set filled with blooms I’ve never seen before! I also loved your ode to your mother and your quest for her red geraniums. Marvelous post from start to finish!

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  2. I hadn’t heard of Pentas flowers and they do look lovely not to mention all the wildlife they attract. Grevilleas are a favourite of mine, I love their shapes and I am also a big fan of native flowers whether yours or mine. Anything that brings in the insects and the birds is a big plus for me. Stunning photos Brian xx

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  3. Marvelous, Brian, simply amazing gallery with so many beauties it is difficult to have favourites. They are favourites all. To mention a whole gallery…the Grevillea is a dream. The blue faced honey eater phot is soooo gorgeous. The pentas with all its inhabitants, and the fringed flowers! The two first white ones made me gasp. I think I have seen them from you before, but you can post them over and over again…just do!

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    1. So glad you enjoyed this post Ann-Christine. It was fun going through the folders and picking out some for this challenge πŸ€—πŸ’•


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