A different way of colour

The Photo a Week Challenge: The Changing Seasons

Whilst everyone else is posting there leaves that are changing into fabulous Autumn colours just before they drop to the ground awaiting some poor people who will have the task of sweeping them up and hopefully composting.

Here I am entering Spring and I also have colourful leaves but they will be staying on the trees as they are the colouful new Spring growth. There is one exception that does drop leaves to make room for renewal.

New leaves on a Paperbark

New leaves on an Eucalypt

New leaves on a Bottlebrush

New leaves on a Lilli Pilli

The only exception is a White Fig who has a carpet of leaves that drop in late winter early Spring.

There may be flowers

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #221: Flower Favourites and Why

Again another very hard photo challenge as it is what to post and how much is too much. I have followed Tina’s example and used tiling to show you the flowers that I enjoy so you won’t have endless scrolling to find a flower that may be of some interest for you. I apologise in advance for the deluge of photos

One of my favourite flowers in my garden is Pentas flowers. I have a couple of colours, a pink and a red which seems to be a dark red at times as well as a deep red, maybe depending on the season. Why do I enjoy Pentas in my garden. It is the insects who come in to enjoy the flowers as well.

I have to include the various Grevilleas. I love their shape and form plus they too bring nature into my garden.

I have selected these flowers as I love Gazanias and Roses. These are childhood memories from my Mums garden along with Geraniums. She had some wonderful red Geraniums and I haven’t found any of the older variety. One day I’ll see some in a garden and have to knock on the door and ask for a cutting. There was a strip of Gazanias between the front fence and the footpath and always had flowers. On the house side of the fence were the Roses plus a lot of other flowers.

Of course I couldn’t not include that many Australian Native flowers that grow on my place and in lots of places I go. Enjoy my bit of Australia for you.