Where do I begin

Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Birds

No idea what to post as this is just too hard for me. I decided to go from small to tall and just a few photos or otherwise you would be here for days.

An important splash of October purple

Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

The Jacaranda Trees are starting get their purple hue in Grafton. The Annual Jacaranda Festival will be in full swing in a few weeks. By the end of October there will be carpets of purple on the ground.

The streets will be full of purple flowers, avenues of Jacarandas. The town will be full of tourists from all over the world, mainly from Japan who just love a floral festival.

Share Your Desktop – October 2022

Time to change my monthly view on my computer with Clare’s Share Your Desktop

This month I thought I would go back into the Dragonfly folder and dig this one out from 2020

5 Minutes Ago – 15 October

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #75

I wish I had thought about this challenge earlier as the sunrise was colourful this morning, an orange sky. Oh well I did get a bonus. From the usual spot I was about to take the photo when a couple of Spangled Drongos flew in to see what I was doing.

The sun is well and truly shining on the trees this morning. There’s not a cloud in the sky.

In case you couldn’t see the Spangled Drongos in the first photo, here they are making their most amazing songs

It is the most amazing call especially when there are two or more. Have a listen.