A taste of what’s to come

Cee’s FOTD
Bren’s Floral Friday

I am putting together another “The Life of…….flower” as part of my series showcasing some of the flowers in my garden. This one will be on the red Lilli Pilli flower which has just started to flower. Stay tuned for the next issue.

Trees around town

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Tree Art and Trees

A selection of trees around my town, Grafton.

There are quite a number of Date Palms around town planted a long time ago. They are quite tall

There is a street which is lined with Bottle Trees as war memorial. I really like bottle trees

Cannot do a post on the trees of Grafton without including Jacaranda trees. It is almost time for the towns Jacaranda Festival, one of the oldest Floral Festivals in Australia

One of my favourite trees. This huge White Fig provides so much shade. It is a popular parking spot in Summer

A cafe, which has now gone, had lots of quirky things on display. My bit for the tree art section of the theme