When the tide is low…..

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Low

….the crabs come out to forage and rebuild their nests. The rebuilding creates fabulous patterns on the sand.

Sand Crabs start preparing do dig in the sand

Try to arrange the sand balls as they like

Just dig and throw

The sand balls build up as they dig

and suddenly intricate patterns are created

Only to be washed away when the tide comes in

Soldier crabs march across the sand looking for a snack or two

26 thoughts on “When the tide is low…..

  1. Are they a particular type of sand crabs that create these patterns? I’ve never seen them on our Southern California beaches. I love the butterfly patterns that they make — are those a constant?

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    1. Yes Sand Crabs come out every night mostly and make patterns with the sand they excavate from their burrows. Some are shapes, we as humans, decide what they are, other times they are just abstracts 🙂


  2. What’s amazing is just how many balls of sand they throw out, only for them to disappear with the next tide. Such a lot of work. I wouldn’t want to be sunbathing when the soldier crabs are on the move!


    1. The number is amazing. I would like to see what happens down the burrow. I have been sitting on the sand when a Sand Crab wanted to get out to do some work. I wondered what was nudging me. The sheer number of Soldier Crabs is phenomenal. I wonder if they would go around?

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