The Goannas are out

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #220: One Subject Three Ways

Today is a very warm day. I was in the garden taking a few photos – yeah I know, most unusual – when I heard a bit of a rustling in the undergrowth. I knew exactly what it was. A Goanna. I went into the garden and as they always do, the Goanna ran up the nearest tree.

This one is a small one but is the first Goanna for Summer. He lay as flat as possible against the trunk so I wouldn’t notice him. I went onto the verandah so I was level with him to grab a couple of photos.

I noticed there was a red spot on his face. Goannas always have ticks on them so I had to get a closer photo just to see if it was a tick.

Just as I suspected, it is a tick. He didn’t seem to have any other ticks that I could see.

39 thoughts on “The Goannas are out

    1. Goanna are the garbage cleaners of the bush. They eat anything but prefer birds eggs and fresh meat. Glad to show you something new πŸ™‚


  1. Must admit I’d not heard of a goanna and found it pretty amazing that this is a SMALL one brian! How nice of him to come along just in time for the challenge! Poor guy, looks like the tic is getting the best of him.

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    1. Ticks don’t seem to bother them. They just drop off when they are full I think. Yes it is small. The biggest one I have caught in the chook pen was almost two metres long and weighted a fair bit. I was wondering what to post πŸ™‚


  2. I want to say ew..but it is so impressive to see that you could capture the Goanna this close and with the tick. Very cool and a nice unique addition to the challenge. . Happy summer.

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