When the tide is low…..

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Low

….the crabs come out to forage and rebuild their nests. The rebuilding creates fabulous patterns on the sand.

Sand Crabs start preparing do dig in the sand

Try to arrange the sand balls as they like

Just dig and throw

The sand balls build up as they dig

and suddenly intricate patterns are created

Only to be washed away when the tide comes in

Soldier crabs march across the sand looking for a snack or two

The Goannas are out

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #220: One Subject Three Ways

Today is a very warm day. I was in the garden taking a few photos – yeah I know, most unusual – when I heard a bit of a rustling in the undergrowth. I knew exactly what it was. A Goanna. I went into the garden and as they always do, the Goanna ran up the nearest tree.

This one is a small one but is the first Goanna for Summer. He lay as flat as possible against the trunk so I wouldn’t notice him. I went onto the verandah so I was level with him to grab a couple of photos.

I noticed there was a red spot on his face. Goannas always have ticks on them so I had to get a closer photo just to see if it was a tick.

Just as I suspected, it is a tick. He didn’t seem to have any other ticks that I could see.

Life of a Sydney Rock Orchid flower

I have a few pots of Sydney Rock Orchids that were my mothers. The name comes as these plants can be growing found on granite rocks from Victoria to Cairns. In the wild they have mosses or ferns covering the roots. My orchid has Hares Foot Ferns growing in the pot in the garden and it does quite well. These are Dendrobium speciosum.

This is the story of their life. The flowers last for a few weeks and look rather spectacular as the racemes flow into the garden. These photos were taken over a three week period.

The racemes start in the joint of the rather stiff and leathery leaves

The buds are sent downward into the garden

I think the new buds look a bit like chilies

When the flowers open they are a wonderful white with subtle spots inside

Looking from above you can see how far the racemes extend from the plant

After a while there is a blend of old and new flowers

The new flowers are bright and open while the older flowers become yellow and close

They close a bit more every day as they age but still retain their yellowness

Eventually they close completely before dropping into the garden

Rain and going away for a few days prevented me getting any further photos and now there are just some dead sticks where once the was wonderful flowers.

5 Minutes Ago – 9 October

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #74

Here are two lots of Weekend Sky photos. I took the first lot on the 1st October and the second just a few minutes ago. Both had great clouds but this mornings were so good.

Just a hint of sunrise colour

The sunrise through the trees. I don’t get to see an expanse of sunrise sky.

This morning there was rain earlier and it is starting to clear

This is looking straight up from the small landing where I always take my weekend sky photos