Spring flowers in my garden

These photos were taken at the end of September. I’ll try to group them to make it a bit easier for you as there are a lot of photos!!! I was thinking of breaking it down into separate posts but maybe just grouping may work best.

I just realised that I didn’t add the attributes to the photos. I did painstakingly work out what they were for almost all of the flowers and plants. I would be happy to let you know if you have a specific one or two you wish to know what they are.

Come and have a look around my garden

The Succulents/Bromiliads

Gerbera and Daisies


Geraniums and Pelagonium


Trumpet and Bell shapes


Wax Begonia




Bottlebrush – I know some of these look similar but they are different species of Bottlebrush

A miscellaneous group

Australian Natives


The Grevilleas

I just went for a walk around the garden as there are some birds calling in the Bottlebrushes. I found a few more flowers that I had forgotten to photograph. But I guess that’s enough.

30 thoughts on “Spring flowers in my garden

      1. Sorry for the repeat reply, but it didn’t appear to take the first time. 😦
        Oh, I just checked the Christmas decorations in my attic and that flower really does look like my tangled lights. 😉

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  1. You have such a wonderful collection, Brian. I have that second Dietes growing in a tub. I couldn’t remember of the name of it but now I do. 🙂
    I saw that little pink native growing at ANBG earlier this week. It is so delicate. I’m wondering what the last flower in that set is. Is it Stypandra glauca or perhaps Arthropodium strictum? I am just entranced by them.

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    1. Thanks Tracy. That little native is a bauera rubioides and the last one is a Dianella which are popping up all over the garden and in the bush at the moment.


  2. Good heavens Brian – how large IS your garden??? This is such an amazing post – you must be quite the gardener!! They’re all glorious. I cannot imagine them all together. Do you have a photo of the entire set so that we can see how they all work together?

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    1. Thank you Tina 🙂 The gardens aren’t all that big but spread out all around the house. Some of the Grevilleas are by themselves but it is filling in nicely. I should do a post showing the whole gardens around the house 🙂


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