Spring flowers in my garden

These photos were taken at the end of September. I’ll try to group them to make it a bit easier for you as there are a lot of photos!!! I was thinking of breaking it down into separate posts but maybe just grouping may work best.

I just realised that I didn’t add the attributes to the photos. I did painstakingly work out what they were for almost all of the flowers and plants. I would be happy to let you know if you have a specific one or two you wish to know what they are.

Come and have a look around my garden

The Succulents/Bromiliads

Gerbera and Daisies


Geraniums and Pelagonium


Trumpet and Bell shapes


Wax Begonia




Bottlebrush – I know some of these look similar but they are different species of Bottlebrush

A miscellaneous group

Australian Natives


The Grevilleas

I just went for a walk around the garden as there are some birds calling in the Bottlebrushes. I found a few more flowers that I had forgotten to photograph. But I guess that’s enough.

Going on a treasure hunt

Lens-Artists Challenge #219: Treasure Hunt

Tina wants us to search for:-

  • A pet or pets (yours or someone else’s)
  • The moon or the sun (extra credit for both in one image)
  • Clouds (extra credit if you also include rain or snow)
  • A reflection
  • A child (extra credit if with other family members)
  • An umbrella (extra credit if you include a person using it)
  • A truck (extra credit if you include the driver or what the truck is hauling)
  • Autumn foliage (extra credit if it’s something that only blooms in the fall)
  • Something fun you found on a walk

Teddie enjoying the morning sun

I love Our Moon

Clouds with rain in the distance – extra credit photo 🙂

One of my favourite reflection photos

A little bee riding her horse at the Glen Innes show in the dress-up parade – extra credit photo as she is with her Mum 🙂

Models walking through Rome and I have no idea what they were advertising – extra credit as they are using their umbrellas 🙂

In the fire truck on their way to a fire or emergency – extra credit as you can see the driver 🙂

I don’t really have any Autumn leaves as I don’t really have Autumn here. These leaves are Autumn leaves in Lyon

Something I found on a walk on my place after the fires. First time I have ever seen Purple Fringe Lillies here.

It was fun going through my folders on this treasure hunt. A great idea Tina

Who is in my shed

Ragtag Daily Prompt Friday: Spook

Looking through the window
staring through the glass
a face, a skull, a creature
taunting me to pass.
I want to go inside
my hand upon the lock
I shake and tremor
I fear I may in for a shock.
Who could it be
what could it be
should I be scared
will it harm me.
Who is at the window
staring through the glass
I am not scared
but still I might pass.