All the flowers

Cee’s FOTD and Judy’s Alphabet of Flowers

“Judy from Lifelessons and Cee are playing with the Alphabet for flower names. They have asked us to feel free to play along with us if we want.” I have been thinking of what I can offer for a while now so maybe I will just launch in.

I have missed a few letters. I don’t have any flowers that start with a Q or a U among my folders












Leopard Lily

Moon Flower


Spider Orchid



Salvia Hot Lips

Trumpet Flower

Native Viola

Water Snowflake Lily

Xanthorrhoea flower spike

Yellow Paper Daisies


33 thoughts on “All the flowers

  1. I need a “Love” button to push. Your photos are amazing. Who cares if you skipped a couple of them? I love, especially, the ones I’ve never seen or heard of before: Snowflake Lilies, Paper Daisies, Moon Flower. What amazing flowers. Were they all in your garden?Thanks for devoting the time and energy you did to share them with us.

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        1. I keep threatening to add a water feature to the park I’ve created in the lot below me but then realize what an upkeep problem it would be. We have a big mosquito problem here and if pumps give out, it creates a danger. Hard enough if the pond is on your own property, and athough I own that lot, I have to leave my property and walk down half a block to get to it.

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  2. Quince? Any flowers beginning ‘Queen of …? Umbrella plant? Any gorses (ulex?)? If you haven’t, I may forgive you, but Cee never will. Great selection by the way! That flower spike is quite a thing.

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    1. Thanks Cee, it did take a while mainly looking up from your list what flowers I could possibly have. Had to go and get a photo of the Jasmine in the garden πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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