All the flowers

Cee’s FOTD and Judy’s Alphabet of Flowers

“Judy from Lifelessons and Cee are playing with the Alphabet for flower names. They have asked us to feel free to play along with us if we want.” I have been thinking of what I can offer for a while now so maybe I will just launch in.

I have missed a few letters. I don’t have any flowers that start with a Q or a U among my folders












Leopard Lily

Moon Flower


Spider Orchid



Salvia Hot Lips

Trumpet Flower

Native Viola

Water Snowflake Lily

Xanthorrhoea flower spike

Yellow Paper Daisies


A few macros

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge October: Close Up or Macro

A ferocious Grasshopper defends the garbage bin

An Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly enjoys a sip of nectar

Getting in close to a Firesprite Grevillea flower

My kitchen window view

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Room with a view

The view from my kitchen window isn’t a vast landscape, you cannot see the sky or sunsets but lots of action happens just out front.

I thought I had a more recent photo of the garden from the kitchen window but my filing system has let me down. This is June 2022

Over the years the view has changed. This 2016

This little sticky beak is from 2011

Together forever

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Smooth

He saw her
upon a branch
that’s when
he took his chance.
I love your colours,
the way you sit
he said,
to me you’re it.
You have a way,
just perfect miss
do you mind
if I steal a kiss.
Smooth he is
that’s his life
now he has
a colourful wife.
Eggs will be laid
chicks will hatch
right from the start,
a perfect match.