37 thoughts on “The green doors

    1. It is a shame about the over kill in safety. So many places have ruined their places with yellow markings for the people who might be stupid enough to trip up AND decide to seek legal action. This world is mad

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    1. It is unfortunate that society wants everyone to be safe. There is so much yellow paint being used around here at the moment on steps etc.
      It does make the photo look terrible. I was thinking of editing them out. Judging by the number of comments I wish I had as the detract fro a beautiful building 🙂


      1. Quick note on the steps
        1) I am so glad you left them in because we get a real view
        2) when I first saw the steps – it didn’t seem to be for safety (although it sounds like it is) but I thought that a) either the church had donated or leftover paint – which happens a lot and I heard the White House in the US was started because they only had lots of white paint? Or I thought b) someone had some bad eyesight and tried to match the trim on the upper windows and they were off by a bunch of shades – ha!
        3) another reason I am glad you left those yellow stairs is because they actually bring a smile –
        Maybe cheery canary yellow does that? Nah/ it is more the way they work with the green doors – orange Rick trim at the top of the door –
        And so the smoke came from a feeling of someone liking color
        It was almost like someone said “I’m going for it and we will have color”

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