Shades of Toowoomba

Ludwigs Monday Window 19 September

Over the weekend I visited my daughter in a city in Queensland, Toowoomba. It was also the Floral Festival time so there will be flowers and I did find a number of windows to post later.

Of course I had to get these windows and their wonderful shades. I may have become a bit obsessive in tracking down window shades but some are so lovely, like these don’t you think?

It’s a pity about the safety grills covering the windows but I think the original wooden windows have been replaced with aluminum.

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    1. The meaning of the word from the aboriginal Toowoomba is thought to indicate the two springs that were in the area. This sounds better than another meaning – swamp – don’t you think.
      The German word for Toowoomba is Toowoomba ๐Ÿ™‚

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