The old weathered door

Dan’s Thursday Doors

I was in town the other day waiting for my car to be repaired. I always take this opportunity to become a tourist in my own town, wander the streets and back lanes taking photos.

I have posted this door once before for Bren’s Mid-week Monochrome and she suggested to do a post for Thursday Doors. I liked the monochrome photo but thought I’d show the door in colour.

The door and the bricks really do complement each other

A little bit closer

I hope this door never changes but undoubtedly one day it will.

21 thoughts on “The old weathered door

  1. I have to thank Bren for her suggestion, this is a great addition to Thursday Doors. I appreciate seeing the door/entrance in color, but it’s hard to choose, The monochrome photo is amazing. The door does look like it could use a coat of paint and some TLC, but I’m glad you captured it in this state.


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