I think found some apricot colours

Terri’s Sunday Stills Monthly Colour Challenge: All About #Apricot

I wasn’t sure if I had any apricot images. They all seem either too orange or yellow to me. Of course they are mainly flowers.

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      1. After our trip to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2018, when I came home, I found a plumeria shop online that sold cuttings. It may have been through Amazon but the vendor lived in Hilo. I bought 4 stalks then, planted them all in Sacramento (where it gets cold). One flowered a few months later (the pink ones I’ve shared–truly luckily), the other two never flourished. I rehomed the other one to my daughter in San Diego before we moved to cold Washington and the yellow one has been blooming. You might have good luck through that source. If it gets cold where you live, keep them in pots that you can move indoors (garage) when they naturally go dormant!

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        1. I can get cuttings from gardens. I just ask the people and gardeners are always happy to share. They grow well in my climate. I have quite a few in my garden but mainly the white/yellow and pinks

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