Re-living the Past #23 – My First Greenish Photos

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Greenish

This selection of photos range from 2014 to 2017. Perhaps you may have seen the before. Some are favourites I re-do for challenges and some you may have not seen before.

Yes there maybe a snake involved so perhaps I’ll make it into a slideshow so those who find nature not to there liking can skip past.

1 A Green-banded Line Blue Butterfly
2 Just a stack of bottles in a restaurant
3 There’s your Green Tree Snake
4 King Parrot feathers
5 A Green Tree Frog
6 Reflections on water. One of these started my interest in doing water reflection abstracts
7 A Dragonfly

5 Minutes Ago – 3 September

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #72

The rain has returned after a bit of a dry Winter. It didn’t take long for the ground to get soggy again. There was 20mm in the rain gauge and it has been raining since yesterday afternoon. So todays weekend sky photos are back to grey clouds.

An appropriate song for your Weekend Sky