Re-living the Past #22 – going back to 2013

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Review (2)

There were happy puppy kites

Stingless Native Bee all 5mm of her zooming past a Hibiscus flower. This plant was a cutting from my Mum’s garden.

A Gold-tailed Spiny Ant having a drink in a water drop on the verandah. I call them Gold Bum Ants until I learnt their real name

Looking under a mushroom

First time I found some freaky looking Finger Fungus

Of course there were flowers

There seemed to be pink flowers then

The first appearance on my drift wood Stick Man walking along the beach. The start of fun creations with things on the beach by my bestie and me

Shells photos were a fun post

Insects on flowers or insects in general were the beginnings of macro photography

Butterflies and Honey Gem Grevillea flowers became a favourite

As did birds who enjoyed the flowers nectar like this Blue-faced Honeyeater

Birds at the bird bath made easy to take photos. Golden Whistlers and others always stopped in for a drink or a bath

Everyone loved the Long-necked Tortoise sunning on the almost tortoise shaped rock

Here is my Rooster. He was the one who helped start me on my addiction to photo challenges, thanks to Yvette from Priorhouse who was looking for some feather photos

Of course there was a few Red-necked Wallaby photos, taken from my kitchen window, especially the cute Joeys.

One my way home from work in town, I sometimes stopped when the sunset looked amazing just a few kilometres from my place

My first sunset photo I posted. Can you spot on the mountains where the sun was setting from the previous photo?

16 thoughts on “Re-living the Past #22 – going back to 2013

  1. Enjoyed your photos from 2013!
    Those ants should be called gold bum.
    And the stinger you grabbed in that little bee shows us the wonder of what photographers capture with their lens / many things the naked eye can’t see that well

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    1. Thanks Yvette. The little Stingless Native Bees don’t a stinger, that is probably a leg or even a wing blur. I had to have another look.
      Finding about things that can’t usually be seen is the pleasure of macro photography πŸ™‚

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  2. Wonderful walk down memory lane, reminded me of my 2013 and the beginnings πŸ™‚ That golden ant looks like a tiny piece of jewelry, and the Honey-eater, the Tortoise and the Joeys photos, so cute! πŸ˜€

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