Bath time for seagulls at sunset

Debbie’s Six Word Saturday
Some of you may have noticed I am into an abstract phase at the moment. I hope you are enjoying the conversion of my images into something a bit different. I really would like to know what you think thank you. For once I haven’t “copied” Debbie’s title using my images but maybe next Saturday………

26 thoughts on “Bath time for seagulls at sunset

        1. I was going to email but don’t think I have the energy just now.
          My elder sister died on Saturday morning after a long stint in hospital with pneumonia, then she could Covid and another lot of pneumonia all on top of emphysema from over 60 years of smoking.
          A lot of things have happened that make it difficult for me to be sad but only another sister and I are left now.
          She made me executor with her daughter so the next while will be a lot of fun…..not.
          I’ll be OK but I’ll have to be on the road next week I guess once I know of the arrangements.


        2. Oh, I’m sorry, hon! It’s bad news on bad news sometimes, isn’t it? Save your energy. You’ll need it to get through this…and then it will be summer and you’ll be busy at home. God bless!

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  1. All the echoes of the birds are there in the water and the sky. I love the colours too. It’s an art form with a lot of potential. I think it helps someone like me to recognise something (the birds) and then appreciate the patterns. Sorry you are having such a difficult time, Brian. I hope that ‘seeing’ pictures helps you through this!

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