The doors you don’t want to go through

Dan’s Thursday Doors

It was a bit fortuitous that today I went to town and drove down the street that the Grafton Goal is on. I went past there the other day with visitors I had for a few days and thought all the time I have lived here, I have never taken photos of the goal.

The goal was built in 1893 and was a maximum security facility. There wasn’t many escapees from the goal but the last one was in August 1992. Darko Desic managed to escape from Grafton Correctional Centre on the night of August 1, 1992 by using tools, including a hacksaw blade and bolt cutters. He was 13 months into his three-and-a-half year sentence for growing marijuana. Thirty years later Covid caused Darko to hand himself in to police.

He fled to Sydney’s northern beaches where he worked as a cash-in-hand builder and handyman. Desic was living in a home in Avalon, but struggled to pay rent and was recently evicted after work dried up because of the pandemic. The 64-year-old was sleeping on the beach until he decided life behind bars would be “much easier” than being “homeless”, a police source said.

They are amazing looking doors. The one on the left has a glass panel so the guards can see who is knocking.

I love the detail

29 thoughts on “The doors you don’t want to go through

  1. Oh! If one blogs long enough, bushboy will post his first Thursday Doors post! Hurrah! An amazing door, especially if viewed from the right side. I see a Slavic-sounding brother managed to flee but chose to come back… Says plenty about our civilization. And I have a goal in my post too, just that it’s spelled differently and means something else. πŸ˜€ Be well and to many more bushboy doors!!

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    1. Thank you Manja. Yes I have finally become a door poster πŸ˜‚ I do think he was of Slavic decent for sure. I did use the English/Australian spelling.
      I hope you are well and happy Manja πŸ™‚


  2. You threw me with the word goal I thought you were referring to football and was expecting to see goal posts. I always thought Australian spelling was the English way not the American.

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