Some of my favourite sun photos

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #123: Here Comes the Sun

Whether it is a muted sky in the morning as the sun rises

it is lovely to stroll along the beach

Perhaps the sun has a fiery start so it is nice to chill in the cool water

The suns rays burst forth showering a rainbow of colours

or maybe is is time to enjoy the warmth while drying your feathers after a bath

or sit against a warming brick wall in the morning to wake and get ready to sing in the day

or just laze about, finding a shady spot in the heat of the day

The last light as the sun is about to go down for the day

Maybe ending as it started with light, gentle colours

or a showy colourful finish

and sometimes ending in a blaze of glory

To fill or not to fill

Sarah’s Friendly Friday Challenge: All or nothing

As part of this challenge Sarah said to either –

Fill the frame

“One option is to fill the frame with your subject, leaving little or no space around it. This can be very effective in certain situations. It encourages the viewer to explore the detail of the subject in more depth, with no distractions.”

Negative space

“Or why not do the exact opposite? Leaving a lot of empty or ‘negative’ space around your subject can be very impactful. It creates a sense of simplicity and minimalism. Just like filling the frame, it encourages the viewer to focus on the main subject without distractions.”