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This is the story of Flat Stacey. Way back in 2009, a very good friend of mine’s daughter had a school project. Flat Stacey was given to each member of her class and had to write a story about an adventure that Flat Stacey had whilst in their possession.

As I was going to Sydney for work, Harmony asked me if I could take Flat Stacey with me and take some photos She would write a story for her project and use my photos to illustrate her story.

I never did get to see Harmony’s story. A while ago when I was talking to her Mum, Flat Stacey came up in the conversation. She asked if Harmony remembered about Flat Stacey but she didn’t. That little girl is around twenty-three now.

Here is my story of Flat Stacey.

Flat Stacey boarded the plane and headed off to Sydney. Tracey, the Flight Attendant, was very attentive to Flat Stacey as she had never flown before and was a bit nervous

After a while Flat Stacey relaxed enough to look out of the window and marvelled at being so high up and what she could see.

Once we were in Sydney, we checked into the hotel and the staff were so friendly and made sure that Flat Stacey felt at home.

Flat Stacey liked the room and the first thing she did was jump on the bed.

Flat Stacey thought the view from the window into the courtyard was fantastic

On the plane on the way home, Flat Stacey couldn’t stop talking about her first plane flight, staying in a hotel in a big city and meeting so many wonderful people.

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  1. I got quite caught up in that story! I have an elderly male friend who takes a mini teddy-bear with him on every holiday which he photographs in the hotel room. He’s done this apparently, since he was about 5 years old and I think he’s now about 70. I find it a bit weird, but he’s normal in every other way.

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  2. I was thoroughly caught up in the story of flat-Stacey, what a good companion she was for you! I have an elderly male friend who takes a mini teddy-bear on holiday with him and photographs it sitting on the bed in his room. He’s done this since he was 5 years old. It’s weird to me but ………… we all have our peculiarities.

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  3. Doll Collectors have a game rather like this or at least they did when postage was not so expensive. You take a doll, a fashion doll works well, send her off to another participant who photographs her and documents her adventures before sending her off to the next person. The photos are shared on whatever social media the group is using. I did it so long ago that it was on Yahoo Groups!

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