Letting you into my groove

The Lens-Artists Challenge #211: What’s Your Photographic Groove

What’s my photographic groove? I don’t have one particular theme except for showcasing the flora and fauna of Australian and quite often from my place.

The native bees here are lovely bees, they don’t sting and are small. The Blue-banded bee and the Teddy Bear Bees are favourites.

The wonderful birds are probably my all time favourite things to photograph. All of these are from my place except for the Golden-headed Cisticola on the barbed wire fence.

I love to have butterflies in my garden. The Blue Triangle Butterfly was one that was never here. When I first saw one many years ago, I made it one of my photographic quests to get a photo, which took a while as they are very shy butterflies. I finally managed to get one. The photo here. A few years later, they turned up in my garden

Of course I have to include the animals which are unique to Australia. I did have Koalas who used my place a s trail to get from one area to another. I never saw any but could here there calls at night. Since the fires of 2019, I haven’t seen or heard any. I did often see Dingoes or heard them calling in the night. Again they have disappeared from the landscape. I always have Red-necked Wallabies in the garden but they too are in reduced numbers. The big Eastern Grey Kangaroos used to travel through the bottom of my place where the bush isn’t as thick but never around the house. There are always Brush-tailed Possums as well.

I could not go without leaving a few native flowers, Bottlebrush, a Purple Fringe Lily, a Paperbark flower and Eucalypt flowers with a Brown Honeyeater atop.

I hope it was fun peeking into bushboys world

49 thoughts on “Letting you into my groove

  1. First if al… you know I love your life and how you live it. It’s so special to be surrounded by wildlife. Sad that the fires changed some of that. I’m sure they will eventually make their way back.

    You are loved.

    I love the photos, especially the bees.

    Great Aussie groove!!!

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  2. The images are stunningly beautiful, what a magical place to live.
    Is that a Kite amongst the birds? I’m going by the shape of the wings and the distinct V of the tail. Red Kits are regular visitors here on the farm, I’m usually alerted by the whistling. I take photos but they’re never close enough for a decent shot. πŸ™‚

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  3. Nature is great groove to be in. Lovely selection Brian and the Rainbow Lorikeet photo is just beautiful. I hope you have a print hanging on your wall. I know I would have.

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  4. Hey bb – wonderful see your photography groove and the butterflies might be the bonus – but all fit you and what we have come to know and love here
    (Missing the word “not” with could go – as you started the flower shares – just FYI)

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  5. I love all of these photos! Gorgeous wildlife. It’s amazing to see such different plants and animals than what I see in the US (or at least, in the wild and not at the zoo here). I’m always grateful for you sharing these. 😊

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  6. LOL for your closing image Brian. Loved your post on this one. Always enjoy peeking into your world with nature so very different from ours. Your animals and especially your beautiful birds (the parrots are of course my favorite!) Thanks for joining us with your groove!

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  7. A wonderful glimpse into your world, Brian. I love that Blue Triangle butterfly and of course your wonderful avian friends and that adorable frog!! I hope all’s well with you. πŸ˜€

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