It’s mine

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Duel

Sometimes not is all good fun and friendliness in the garden. One day I heard a bit of a ruckus outside and found that there was a disagreement of the ownership of the Grevillea in the garden.

Instead of my usual photos, here is something a bit different. No one was seriously hurt making this video. Lots of noise and posturing.

24 thoughts on “It’s mine

  1. Noisy Friarbird lives up to its name 🀣 I love it when you post something like this – makes me go and track down the featured birdsπŸ‘Nice colours on the Blue-Faced Honeyeater (or should that be ‘Stealer’! Some of the Friarbird’s behaviour was almost like a chick begging for food from an adult long after it should be fending for itselfπŸ˜…

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