Whipbirds in the garden

It is so lovely to hear and see Eastern Whipbirds in my garden. Actually as I write this there are a pair in the garden now. They arrived after the fire in December 2019. Displaced from where they usually lived by the fire which devastated the landscape by the many fires from the Gibraltar Range across the floodplain of the Mann River through my place and towards Ramornie.

Whipbirds are notoriously shy birds and dart way as soon as they see you. All of these photos were taken through the sun room and office windows.

A lovely looking bird

Peering back at me through the window

Always keeping an eye on what is going on in the garden.

When they give their distinctive call, their whole body gets involved. The wings sweep upwards and the tail fans open.

The colour of their feathers look rather plain until you get to see them up close.

This Whipbird sat with its tail feathers fanned out for quite a while.

A lovely face looking back at me.

Whipbird call

36 thoughts on “Whipbirds in the garden

  1. You managed some great shots of this pretty boy, Brian. I just Googled this bird and watched/listened to the Tim Siggs video. What a wonderful call this bird has!

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  2. I heard them every night in childhood, but since I left that home at age 18, I’ve only heard a few during a couple of camping trips. I miss them so much! Thank you for sharing.

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