It’s a long way to the top

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Sunday: Atop

Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly on Pentas flowers

Rainbow Bee Eater

Bee on a flower

Cows on a hill

Brown Goshawk (I think) on the lookout

Dragonfly having a rest

These light poles always have Australian Pelicans on them at Evans Head

Kookaburra on a fence post

Little Superb Fairy Wren female on a fence post

A cow at sunset

It’s a long way to the top

28 thoughts on “It’s a long way to the top

  1. A pelican is a pelican. Ours down here in sunny Florida do the same thing. I think ours sit up high so they can keep a watch over the water….always scanning for fish.
    The Superb Fairy Wren and the Rainbow Bee Eater are a couple of sweet little birds.

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