Flying away

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Focus

Sometimes when trying to get that photo, there are times when the focus just isn’t there. Not my focus, but the cameras focus.

A couple of days ago there was an Eastern Yellow Robin hopping around the garden. I grabbed my camera and snuck along the verandah to where a pair of Robins were concentrating on some worms and other insects on the ground. It had been raining so the insects were on the surface among the grass making fr easy pickings for the Robins.

I saw one of the Robins sitting on a leaf of the banana trees and took a few photos. I decided to try and get a bit closer so zoomed the lens a little more.This photo is the untouched photo. I really liked the colours, the greens and the yellows of the Robin as it flew off when it spied a snack waiting to be gobbled up as well as the hazy effect.

Sometimes accidental out of focus photos some how have a bit of appeal. What do you think?