5 Minutes Ago – 25 June

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #66

More lovely days. The temperatures have been in the low 20’sC and cold nights, last night was 4C, with clear blue skies.

Something different to listen to while you scroll. Everyone needs someone to keep them warm on Winters night don’t they? A good video too if you have time.

Do you see the tree in the lower right hand corner?

Did you see the little bird? Probably a Yellow-faced Honeyeater as they arrived in numbers at my place during the week. Some will stay, others will continue their migration north.

Another thing to see in this photo. The sun is just kissing the Eucalypt tops this morning but there is something else to see. Very faint and small in the sky.

This is so you don’t have to strain to see what it is. Just a hint of Our Moon on it’s way to becoming a New Moon.

17 thoughts on “5 Minutes Ago – 25 June

    1. I very much dislike that when the videos have zones where it can be played. Sorry
      I wonder if you search for Mary Lambert “She keeps me warm” (2013 version) you may be able to find it. It is a lovely video

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      1. It said it wasn’t available for this region. As I understand it, the owner of the video pays for a licence for certain regions, but best not quote me on that.🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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