5 Minutes Ago – 18 June

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #65

Welcome back Hammad.

This morning I was up when the sun had already risen. Last night there was cloud and I really wanted to get some lovely Moon photos. This morning the sky has only wispy clouds and another blue sky. Earlier on this week there had been days where there there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Winter around here is single figures during the night, so 4C has been the coldest, and a cold wind comes down the mountains in the early afternoon, so it’s inside and the fire gets lit. During the day, like today’s 23C will be, the temperatures are in the low 20’s. Winter here is quite lovely despite having to have a change of clothes as the day goes on.

Here is this mornings sky with a hint of colour

Some light cloud around

Around thirty minutes later, the blue sky appeared and the clouds still had a hint of colour.

I did take some photos at the beginning of the month as the sky was too colourful to leave out. I didn’t put them on my blog as I awaited Hammad’s Weekend Sky post to link them.

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