Numbers in the air

Sunday Stills: It’s a #Numbers Game

I had so much trouble thinking of what to post for this challenge. Photos of just numbers – not really, numbers on buildings – maybe a post on that later. I saw a photo and thought that a sequence would be good but what to use.

And then I found one photo, then another and suddenly I got carried away.

So please enjoy flying with me

First, there was just one

Then three came flying by

Up higher there were more

Joined by a few more

Then they headed off into the sunset

Finding more friends along the way

More joined in

Suddenly the sky filled with a vast flock

Before settling down to roost for the night

30 thoughts on “Numbers in the air

        1. Well just gotta go with what was calling you that week – if everyone did similar ideas (even with twists and changes) it could end up being too much of a good thing – right?

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  1. This is a super response to this theme Brian – a clever idea and some great shots. It isn’t easy to capture birds in flight – I know, I have so many ‘almost’ shots and only a handful of good ones πŸ™‚ Well done!

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  2. Brilliant post bb
    The numbers connection – the flow of the post with changing color schemes – my my my
    The way you led us into the orange and then a mix of orange and the other sky colors
    And loved the ending
    You really did find a clever and inspired idea.

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