5 Minutes Ago – 28 May

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #64

Your weekend sky song to go with the almost pre-dawn photos. It looks like being clear blue skies today, the first in over months of grey and rain. Maybe a fine sunny weekend to dry out my soggy yard and garden. I think this has been the first year where I haven’t had to start the pump to water the garden from the dam.

16 thoughts on “5 Minutes Ago – 28 May

  1. Even for someone like me who doesn’t mind the rain at all, I was looking forward to some sun to dry out the small patch of grass that has turned to black sludge. Have a good weekend, Brian.

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  2. Last Saturday, I spotted a lady in neighborhood watering her pots, which are placed in her garden. Which was unusual because those pots received plenty of water the night before from the rainfall.
    I didn’t asked her why she was doing so.

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