32 thoughts on “She loves me, she loves me not

  1. Wonderful to see the missing petals and not so perfect blooms – feels all
    Realistic πŸ˜‰
    /- and in grade school –
    My son made a paper mosaic of a flower and the curious part about it was he left off a petal. Had one missing like those here.
    I didn’t notice it at first –

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      1. I didn’t ask him when he was younger –
        But he made it real quick like and I am sure it was just what he was feeling at the time. And then I didn’t notice it for a while –
        And it would have been cool
        If he added a petal to the ground near the flower –
        I had that piece of
        Art hanging for many years – on a wall Behind a door in a bedroom- and just took it down this spring as we had some painting done
        I will
        Try to post a photo of it on my blog –

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        1. I will see if it dated — but I did a lot of art with my boys –
          Sometimes just for them but then during my teaching art phase at a local school- sometimes the boys would help me to sometimes prep for a lesson (run through an idea with them ) or if I had leftovers I would try to make time for them to do a mini version of the lesson – or not – anyhow – I will see if it was dated

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    1. I do spend too much time looking as well. Sometimes it felt just right to grab a photo of these. I am sure I have more but I have way too many flower photos πŸ™‚


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