A week in the garden

Terri’s Sunday Stills: Fun #Feathered Friends

This was a week around my garden except for one photo. Having a rainy time, when the sun was almost out or I heard a bird call, I grabbed my camera and strolled around the garden. Enjoy my selection of some of the #Feathered Friends I found in a week in my garden.

This is not the Kookaburra that wrecked my screen doors

Being ignored by a Grey Fantail

A Black-shouldered Kite that hangs around a Bunnings Hardware in South Grafton near some paddocks where I am sure it gets quite a good feed of rodents and lizards

Hard to see but this Satin Bowerbird is eating the plant in the grass. Don’t you love his pants?

A Lewins Honeyeater getting a snack from a Fire-sprite Grevillea

You have seen lots of male Eastern Yellow Robins in previous posts. Here is a female Eastern Yellow Robin

Getting seed from some Barb-wire Grass, Red-browed Firetail Finches are regulars in the garden.

Always trying to get my attention when I am in my office, Tiny the King Parrot likes to sit and watch until I say hello.

30 thoughts on “A week in the garden

  1. Your bird varieties are so amazing, Brian! I hope to see a kookaburra before I die! That kite with the red eyes is spectacular! Your little red parrot looks so tame and adorable. You always manage to bring the unusual and uber-cool images to Sunday Stills, my friend!

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  2. Beautiful! I’m fascinated by Bower birds and their efforts to attract a mate. And I just found out that the kookaburra is of the kingfisher family and will think of that if I see one here in the UK – and imagine it laughing.

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  3. Wow – that’s a fun collection of birds. Your Robin looks a lot like our American Golden Finch. The third photo at first glance looked like those twigs were the legs of the bird! The dancing pants are adorable πŸ˜‰

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  4. I love your photos! It is interesting to see a kookaburra in your yard (sorry about your screen)…I’ve only seen them at the zoo. I also love the colors on that honeyeater (we don’t have those here, either).

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