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Sunday Stills: What is That #Aroma

If you happen to come across a Stinkhorn Fungus, Aseroe rubra, at first you may not notice anything strange. Then perhaps there could be some flies buzzing about. They are the fungi pollinators.

A Stinkhorn or Starfish fungi, starts out like an egg shaped thing which is the fruit emerging from the ground and then gradually opens up. After it bursts its way through the ground, the fruiting body also oozes out a gelatinous goop known as gleba, which contains the Stinkhorn’s spores. Apparently the gleba smells like the dead, rotting flesh of animals or dung. These smelly mucus mass are full of spores at the base of their arms.

Instead of a music video here is one of the Stinkhorn Fungi opening in time lapse plus a bit of history

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  1. Ok BB, that is pretty disgusting! I love your wording which makes it even more disgusting. “the fruiting body also oozes out a gelatinous goop known as gleba.” My stomach is churning. Then I scrolled down and looked at the pictures. Blick! Then the video with that weird music. Well worth watching anyway. I think I’ll get some dinner now. πŸ™‚

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